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Gretna Green Hotel and Wedding Venue

For parties of 2+ our range of packages are perfect for small intimate wedding

For parties of 10 or more,
the Dream package is the ideal solution at a great price

For parties of 20 and above,
our Celebration package has everything you need

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45 guests & accommodation

Wedding Packages for 2+

Wedding Package for 10+
Wedding Package for 20+

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Wedding Questions & Answers


Almost all of the brides and grooms we speak to have a number of questions about getting married in Gretna Green. Our team of wedding planners have provided answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

Gretna Green Wedding Questions 

1) How soon can we get married at Gretna Green?
Your legal paperwork MUST be with Gretna Registry Office a minimum of 29 days days before your wedding. More information can be found here

2) Do we have to stay in Gretna Green before our wedding?
There is no legal requirement for you to stay in Gretna Green before your wedding.

3) What do we do about legal paperwork?
You must present M10 Marriage Notice Forms to Gretna Registry Office a minimum of 29 days prior to your wedding. More information can be found here

4) What is the difference between having a minister or registrar conduct our ceremony?
A minister would perform a shortened church service without hymns whereas registrars ceremonies are similar to what you would experience in your local registration office.

9) One or neither of us was born in the UK. Can we still be married in Gretna Green?
Yes of course you can. Couples from all over the world are married in Gretna Green. You need to contact the Gretna Registry Office on 01461 337648 for advice on the necessary legal paperwork. Please be aware that you may need an interpreter.

10) Can our son / daughter act as one of our witnesses?
Yes provided they are at least 16 years of age.

11) We're not bringing any guests. What do we do about witnesses?
We are happy to provide witnesses free of charge.

12) How many people does The Mill Forge hold?
There is seating for 40 with standing room for another 30.

13) Is there any evening entertainment?
Subject to numbers we provide a free house disco which is for all wedding parties to share.

14) Do we need to take out wedding insurance?
It is advisable to take out some insurance to protect you in the event of cancellation.

15) Can we bring table decorations and will we have a chance to decorate the tables ourselves?
Yes you may bring table decorations although we ask that if you bring candles they are safely mounted / presented. You may be granted access to decorate the tables yourself but we have staff who are happy to decorate the tables for you.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our wedding planners on 01461 800344

5) One or both of us has been divorced or widowed. Can we still have a religious ceremony?
Yes, you have exactly the same options as people who have never been married.

6) How soon should we book our wedding?
We always advise couples to book as soon as possible to secure the date and time of their choice.

7) Can we visit to have a look round and speak to a wedding planner?
Of course you can come to have a look around. We are always happy to meet you and answer any questions you have.

8) How much deposit do we have to pay and when?
We ask for £20 per room per night for accommodation and £5 per person for meals.
Our wedding packages pages detail the amount of deposit required for each package and when the balance is due.
The balance of meals and drinks packages etc is due no later than 3 weeks before the date of your wedding


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